CO2 Carbon Emissions

VitalFinanceis also active in the trading of carbon emissions (spot & futures) as the exclusive partner for Greece of the Aither Group( which provides services in world’s environmental and energy markets, offering trading solutions for companies subject to greenhouse gas regulations and energy efficiency obligations, as well as to private investors and hedge funds seeking portfolio diversification.

We provide the best practices to comply with the EU ETS obligations, as well as supporting the industrial and aviation sectors to develop opportunities related to Renewable Energy, Carbon Offsetting, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development.

We are active in the EU ETS markets, as well as in trading voluntary carbon credits; providing both simple products and structured solutions.

Whether you have to comply to emissions trading obligations in the EU, CH and UK schemes; or your organization is striving to achieve carbon neutrality, we will bring you the results.

Aitherwas founded in Milan in 2010 by a group of financial professionals, specifically in environmental and energy markets. The ability of Aither to combine “finance with an aim to protect the environment” allowed the company to grow quickly consolidating the trust of its client portfolio. With offices in Switzerland, London, Milan, San Francisco we offer swift and reliable services in the environmental markets. We help our clients have access to the biggest trading desk on environmental products worldwide.


Aither is able to offer to its Clients a wide range of products which help them to optimize the costs in the ETS and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the trade of the certificates on the market. We develop different strategies to manage the carbon asset portfolio for the clients, helping them hedge the risk from price fluctuations and increase profits. We assist in each phase of the process and provide advisory services in each area of environmental and energy markets, and in the reduction of CO2 emissions.

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