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VitalFinance operates as a tied agent of OPTIMA BANK, which was introduced to the Greek market in July 2019, following the transfer of the shares of the Investment Bank of Greece to Ireon Investments, a subsidiary of the Motor Oil (Hellas) Group. With the prestige and credibility of Motor Oil, the powerful Group that has a leading position in the Greek economy and a leading role in Southeast Europe, Optima bank marks the beginning of a new era for the entire banking industry.

The owner of VitalFinance, is Ioannis D. Giaprakis, a graduate in economics and business administration. Ioannis D. Giaprakis is also a certified portfolio manager, investment advisor and derivatives and equity trader for the Hellenic Stock Exchange as well as a certified trader at the largest derivatives exchange, EUREX FRANKFURT AG. He worked as the head of the derivatives department of ARTION Securities S.A. for 9 years, where then in 2009 created VitalFinance.

The company’s strategy focuses on Greek and foreign private investors, hedge funds, family offices etc, offering high quality investment services taking advantage of the full range of Greek and Foreign stock market products provided by OPTIMA BANK. Technological development is a very important part of the operation of a modern brokerage office as it requires immediacy in both information and execution.

The company provides integrated online solutions for informing and executing orders in the Greek stock and derivatives market as well as in the largest foreign stock, derivatives and commodity markets.

The next move is to invest quickly, accurately and consistently with VitalFinance.

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